GTO STORIES: Rediscover la Dolce Vita through a Virtual Adventure across the Sorrento Coast


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Rediscover la Dolce Vita through a Virtual Adventure across the Sorrento Coast


"Here, in this place in the world that is not of this world, where every glance is already emotion and every thought is already a dream, here you can.” - Raffaele Ferraioli

Many years ago, the Sorrento Coast and the island of Capri were social capitals for the rich and famous. Artists, philosophers, movie stars, and royals came to the coast to live life to the fullest. It was a place where the party never stopped, and people felt free as they walked barefoot on sun-toasted beaches and splashed around in the Mediterranean Sea. As time passed, the scenic coast got overshadowed by the short-lived charisma of tourist hubs.

GTO Stories will revisit the beauty of the Sorrento Coast with a collection of personal stories, local interviews, and adventures. As your virtual travel guide for Southern Italy, we shall embark on an immersive journey that stimulates your senses. Get ready to explore the region as we reintroduce you to la dolce vita, “the sweet life,” and the multifaceted world of the coast.

Can a Virtual Trip to Italy Count as an Adventure?

Yes, it can—provided it’s done right. GTO Resorts will incorporate an innovative twist to digital travel guides with our interactive stories and experiences. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or adventurer who loves jetting off to new places, we have a story that’ll pique your interest. GTO Stories will take you on an adventure worth having by capturing the charm of Sorrento Coast and Capri.

GTO Resorts will incorporate an innovative twist to digital travel guides with our interactive stories and experiences. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or adventurer who loves jetting off to new places, we have a story that’ll pique your interest. GTO Stories will take you on an adventure worth having by capturing the charm of Sorrento Coast and Capri.

This is why our Stories are classified in 7 different categories:

NEWS & OFFERS - exclusive offers & discounts.

ENCOUNTERS - interviews to the GTO team, artisans, artists and local creatives.

FOR FOODIES - a collection of local culinari excellences.

FOR CLUBBERS - everything concerning the tech house music.

FOR LIFESTYLE LOVERS - the coolest locations on the Coasts.

LIVE LIKE A LOCAL - a journey through local traditions, uses and customs.

HEALTH & SUSTAINABILITY - news and tips for a sustainable lifestyle.








As millennials, we know you revel in authentic experiences. You’re someone who enjoys listening to the locals because you know their insights are unmatched. You trust them to direct you to the best spots to watch a sunset or savor the local cuisine. You are intrigued by the culture, fashion, and art of the places you visit. Someone who looks for sustainability even when staying at five-star resorts.

This is why we created the Maya Beach Experience, to welcome wanderers like you to the coast. Our resort breaks the mold of classic Sorrento hospitality by infusing contemporary lifestyle, eco-focused offerings, and the magic of Mediterranean culture.

Co-created by Francesco Giglio (CEO of GTO Resorts) and entrepreneur Davide Rocco, the Maya Beach Experience transports you to a whole new world. A timeless space where you can taste the stars as you sip our shimmering aperitifs and watch the sunset on Capri. We aim to bring back the love and appreciation for our beautiful land.

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GTO Stories fosters collaborative relationships between like-minded people who share interests, live mindfully, and have a passion for adventure. Our stories will create an immersive travel guide through a carefully crafted itinerary. These trips will direct you towards a brand-new sweet life.

The innovation lies in the infusion of modern travel trends with the charm of romantic aspects of our region. You’ll get acquainted with local art, culture, and history through captivating stories narrated by the people of the coast.

One of the most striking characteristics of the coast is you’re just a ride away from the Amalfi Coast. Stroll through the village of Ravello and explore the archeological excavation sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum during the day and return to the Maya Beach Resort to catch a stunning sunset over Capri. Plus, you can get lost in exclusive entertainment wrapped in the warm embrace of modern luxuries.

Recapturing the Glory of Capri and the Coast

If you’re wondering what we mean by rediscovering la dolce vita, you only need to look at the photos of Hollywood royalty that visit the coast. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot to Clark Gable, Dado Ruspoli, and Rudi Crespi have walked the winded pathways of Capri. They personified the classic sweet life and considered Capri the undisputed jewel of Italy—the best holiday destination for artists and intellectuals of that era.

"Temple of the goddess nature, the incarnation of beauty.” –Ivan Turgenev

GTO Stories will retrace their steps and showcase the coast in a new light. Prepare to be delighted by the contemporary blend of past values and present principles. Our progressive lifestyle, eco-conscious accommodations, and luxury trips will keep you hooked.

“Soulcial” Media: Making Virtual Interactions Soulful

GTO Stories will be the central point where adventure begins. We look forward to connecting with travelers who may have never ventured to Italy, or those that have and wish to return.

Keep in mind that the project goes beyond this virtual space. We will synchronize our GTO Stories with “soulcial” channels. Every interaction and snapshot of the places we visit will have a purpose and a vision. Our passion and devotion to the coast will reflect in every story we share.

Meet the Masterminds Behind GTO Stories

We couldn’t begin this series without mentioning the faces behind the lens. Our talented team comprises millennials and travel enthusiasts who love gourmet meals, have a distinctive aesthetic sense, and frequent sought-after places. Despite being in a rush, they stop on the street to relish the moment, sometimes with a photograph. They consider sustainability as commitment and why our team advocates farm-to-table experiences, eco-focused architectures, and natural pathways.

“In a changing world, there is no greater risk than standing still.”

Davide Rocco: Founder of Maya Beach Experience and Creative Director of GTO Resorts

Davide champions innovation in everything he does. He says:

"My goal is to attract people with a strong cosmopolitan spirit looking for highly distinctive experiences to live and remember our beloved coast… I would like Sorrento, the coast, and the Maya Beach Experience to become common knowledge (and the meeting ground) for all those who work in the international fashion and entertainment industries. I’d like them to visit these special places at least once a year. I want to unlock the true potential of each GTO resort in Italy through impactful digital marketing and PR activities to enhance our resorts and increase tourism to our region.

My job allows me to travel a lot. Only in this way can I find the inspiration from people and concepts that have become almost "iconic,” thanks to successful entrepreneurs and creative geniuses.

I enjoy the middle ground—finding the right compromise between the clarity of sustainable entrepreneurship and the recklessness of creative genius. With GTO Stories, we aim to redefine the classic concept of a blog by producing more appealing content with a virality rate much higher than traditional travel guides."

Arianna Gargiulo: Social Media Manager and Visual Communication Manager

Arianna joins Davide in this ambitious project as the eyes of GTO Stories. Her boundless creativity, passion for fashion, and art reflect in her work. She’ll be your guide throughout the journey we take around the coast. She’ll use inside information to explore “Instagrammable” sights, discover mouthwatering meals (gourmet and traditional), and unique cultural experiences. Wherever she goes, you can count on her to take you along for the ride. Prepare to meet artisans, designers, chefs, organic farmers, and other locals with her in every post

Francesca Giagulli: Copywriter

Francesca is the narrator of GTO Stories with the support of Kym Sturdivant (our native English-speaking copywriter). A graduate in economics, she specializes in digital communications. You’ll travel to Italy through her words as she shows you the wonders uncovered wherever we go. Her immersive descriptions are bound to make you feel you’re here, listening to the sounds of crashing waves, taking in the aroma of freshly cooked food, and feeling the gentle sea breeze of the coast.

Let’s Travel to Italy and Discover the Coast

Our goal is to transport you to our reality. GTO Stories is a love letter to the coast, where we explore the nooks and crannies of our wonderful land. You’ll also meet eccentric personalities that make up our lively community, people who are the heart and soul of the place we call home.

GTO Stories is an “open work,” as Umberto Eco would call it.
Our evolving project will grow through a mutual appreciation of Southern Italy and your suggestions. We want our audience (you) to play an active role in writing our stories. Feel free to comment and suggest places you’d like to see and stories you want to hear.
You can send us an email or message us on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you!