The Hotel Admiral project: perseverance and passion for the Coast


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It was the year 2020, the world was coming to a standstill, and the tourism business was trying to figure out how to cope with, adapt to, and survive a pandemic.

Two years ago, many of us had probably never even uttered the word “pandemic", much less "lockdown" and "curfew."

However, in that moment of profound uncertainty, there are those who have managed to maneuver successfully with great foresight and perseverance.

CEO and current owner of GTO Resorts, Francesco Giglio, falls perfectly into this category.

In fact, it was in 2020 that Francesco together with his sisters, Annabella and Ilaria decided to take advantage of that "suspended" reality to invest both his time and passion into the renovation and rebranding of the Conca Azzurra Resort. Now known on the Coast as Maya Beach Resort, the GTO luxury resort and beach club has managed to establish itself in just two years as an essential destination to visit at least once in life.

The desire to expand and continually improve the quality of the hotel group's accommodation offerings, along with his deep ties and emotional attachment to the Sorrento Coast, is what drove Francesco’s ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit. That same passion had guided the career and enterprising strategies of Ciro Giglio, Francesco's father and former owner of GTO Resorts.

Giglio's family daily commitment to enhancing "a territory so rich and with such marked potentialities that are far from saturated" — as they like to define it — is a true path of rediscovery.

The rediscovery of a land filled with traditions, myths and legends, the home of la dolce vita, and probably the most sought-after tourist destination in Italy.

Guided by this strong desire to bring the Coast back to its authentic yet incredibly contemporary charm, the GTO Resorts group takes a further step by investing in a new project, the Hotel Admiral.

A great achievement for GTO Resorts. And for the Sorrento Coast.

Two years after the official opening of the Maya Beach Experience and Maya Beach Resort, Francesco decided that the time had come to expand GTO establishments once again.

The project is part of the hotel's larger renovation plan that will be developed over the next four years with the aim of creating a boutique hotel overlooking the sea with luxury suites and sky bar with sweeping views of the Gulf of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius.

This is a fundamental investment that is intended to raise the quality of services to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive, aware, and demanding clientele. A high-end audience looking for centrally located luxury accommodations that offer the highest level of comfort.

Hotel Admiral is situated in Sorrento's most charming seaside location, the small fishing village of Marina di Sorrento. A place rich in traditions and myths that is well established as one of the most welcoming tourist destinations on the Sorrento Coast.

Likewise, Marina Grande is a true icon of Italian charm, an incredible and timeless location to be swept away by the authentic Sorrento atmosphere.

The hotel's location certainly plays a key role. Add to this the panoramic swimming pool with solarium and the terrace with sky bar overlooking the sea with views of the Gulf of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius, and the coast of Cape Sorrento. All that remains is to wait for the hotel's reopening in 2023, book a room, and enjoy a front-row seat to a breathtaking extravaganza.

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