Sentiero delle Sirenuse: Trekking Between Sky and Sea


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"No one has ever passed this way with
his black ship without listening to
our sweetest song: and then
he returned happier and wiser."

- Odyssey, Canto XII

Welcome to one of the prettiest places in Italy—Sentiero delle Sirenuse.

The enchanting trail surrounds the Sorrento plateau and overlooks the three Li Galli islets (or Sirenuse). This pathway of sirens was named after the mythical creatures who bewitched Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey.

According to the epic poem, these seductive creatures resided near the islets. They were half-birds and half-human with beautiful faces and melodic voices that beckoned sailors to follow them. Their hypnotic song lured men astray and caused shipwrecks.

That’s why it’s one of the popular places in Italy and a well-traveled spot in the Amalfi Coast itinerary.

Trekking around its trail is a magical experience. Once you climb to the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, you witness an awe-inspiring spectacle on the coast and the Capri Faraglioni.

We couldn’t have missed this trip for the world.

Meet Mario: The New Trainer of GTO Resorts

Arianna and Maria are accompanied by Mario today. He’s a professional trail runner who has turned his passion for mountain running into a profession.

Trail running requires you to be around nature and can be performed anywhere, not just in the mountains. This physical activity strengthens the upper body and leg muscles. It also requires razor-sharp focus and caution. That’s because the runner needs to navigate the unexpected terrain while exploring the great outdoors.

GTO Resorts appointed Mario as the in-house trainer for guests interested in indulging in outdoor activities. He will be the leading guide for trekking and general sports adventures that we will share throughout the year via GTO Stories.

What Makes Sentiero delle Sirenuse Great?

Trips to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento are synonymous with the deep blue sea, boat rides, and aperitifs at sunset on a terrace after your last dive of the day. We’re taking you to explore the Sentiero delle Sirenuse for its panoramic views of the picturesque coastline.

Mario could not have chosen a better time to take us on this adventure. The days are mild, and there’s no sultry summer heat. The fresh air and view of Capri and Amalfi Coast are crystal clear. Mario knows the area well and chooses routes based on the season.

Today, we begin at an elevated coastal region. As summer approaches, he will select a pathway closer to the sea to enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

At present, we start our trek between Sant'Agata and Colli Fontanelle in the Sorrento hills. It’s higher than Massa Lubrense and our favorite beach club, the Maya Beach Experience. When you stand at the precipice, you behold a breathtaking sight wherever you look.

The trail works for everyone. It is divided into the middle of a grove—where the light filters in through dense vegetation. Arianna has taken this road many times and eagerly awaits the incredible spectacle waiting for her at the end.

However, there are a few kilometers left before they reach the destination.

Arianna walks alongside Mario to discuss the benefits of trekking.

The girls are enthusiastic about his responses and say, “It’s definitely worth it!”

Could this be one of the most Instragrammable places in Italy?


The girls take a few snaps for Instagram of a tree overlooking the coastal cliffs. The rising temperature and the warm sun compel them to take off their thermal jackets. After a short relaxing break, they perform some stretches with Mario.

Chatting with Mario

Arianna has always been sporty and athletic. She stops and discusses the benefits of trekking with Mario. He eagerly answers all her questions. The professional trainer lists several advantages of nature trekking. The obvious reasons include cardiovascular and respiratory health. Additionally, outdoor activities alleviate stress and anxiety that characterize our generation.

It’s especially beneficial amidst the post-pandemic routine where we work from home, move little, and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

10 Benefits of Trekkin

Whether you prefer walking alone or in a group, whatever location or time you choose, trekking will be advantageous. It can promote a relaxed mind and strengthen the body. It is an ideal practice for self-discovery and contemplation in your spare time.

Here are the many benefits of trekking:

1. Break free from your mundane routine and the chaos of city life.

Use trekking to take a digital detox from screens and rhythms of everyday life. Listen to soft whispers of the wind blowing against leaves, take in the sweet-salty scents of nature, and form a positive connection with the environment. This will boost your creativity and productivity levels.

2. It supports heart health.

This aerobic activity regulates heart rate and blood circulation. These benefits keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check.

3. A healthy way to burn calories.

Trekking boosts energy and makes physical activities much more exciting than running on a treadmill. Consider a satisfying walk on a mountain as a good excuse to burn off calories.

4. Alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression.

Trekking allows you to unplug and live mindfully. It releases tension and transforms negative emotions into joy, peace, and serenity.

5. An excellent breathing exercise

Nature trails and mountain paths have cleaner, fresher air. Your routine walks will improve lung health through these expeditions.

6. Foster new relationships. 

The number of nature enthusiasts who love trekking increases every day. Many communities for first-time trekkers give you a chance to make new friends as you walk alongside them.

7. Maintain a healthy weight.

Regular trekking can help you burn off excess pounds faster than sweating it out at the gym.

8. Get a daily dose of vitamin D.

Sunlight contains a higher quantity of vitamin D than your supplements. Use trekking as a way to ditch those and embrace a natural way to improve your bone health and immunity levels.

9. Connect with nature.

Spend one-on-one time with nature to appreciate its beauty and gain a sense of respect for our environment.

10. Challenge yourself.

Daily nature walks can help muscle strength and endurance. Eventually, you will start covering extra miles without feeling tired. In turn, it makes those impossible fitness goals possible. It also activates happy hormones (like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin).

After the chat, Arianna and Mario catch up with Maria and take group photos before descending to the starting point.

“Returning to the Sentiero delle Sirenuse was wonderful. I like to go back at least once a year because walking through the vegetable gardens, olive groves, and chestnut groves of my home always make me nostalgic... It reminds me of the walks I used to take as a child!"

The Sentiero delle Sirenuse is a circular route that winds around ragged rocks and crashing waves. It’s an awe-inspiring sight, and you can experience it all on a trip to Italy in 2022. Book with GTO Resorts, and we can take you around on these memorable Amalfi Coast tours. Until next time. Write to us on Instagram...we can't wait to introduce you to Mario!