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As an enterprising entrepreneur of the Sorrento Coast and founder of GTO Resorts, it isn’t easy to find the right words to describe a person like Ciro Giglio.

His passion for hospitality brought life to a unique hotel project that he has shared with us all. And for this, we owe him a world of gratitude.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Ciro managed to revolutionize the hospitality business on the coast. His knowledge of the territory and dedication to his work were the fundamental ingredients to create what today has turned out to be one of the most renowned hotel groups on the Sorrento Peninsula.

Though, Ciro was much more than an entrepreneur. He was a father, a husband and a person who was genuinely loved by everyone. Those who had the fortune of knowing him will attest that he was well-known for his charismatic and magnetic personality. He was naturally diplomatic, had a genuine concern for humanity and showed unwavering kindness to his neighbors.

The dedication event for Ciro was held in his homeland as our way to remember him and to pay homage to his legacy.

A premiere bicycle race in memory of Ciro Giglio

In Massa Lubrense, Sunday, March 13, 2022, at 9 a.m. on a warm, almost spring-like day, more than 100 bicyclists from Campania and Basilicata let the wheels of their mountain bikes hit the pavement to show deep appreciation and remembrance of Ciro.

Stefano Rocco, the organizer of the event for the Giglio family, had loo doubts when he needed to choose the location for the race. They all agreed that there was no better spot than the beautiful Tenuta Montecorbo. This special place was near and dear to the great entrepreneur from Sorrento.

"This event was realized out of the strong desire to remember my father. Tenuta Montecorbo was dear to his heart, and it lent itself perfectly for this cycling event. Given its success, we are sure it will become a regular annual event."
- Ilaria Giglio

The XC Tenuta Montecorbo was the first off-road cycling sporting event held on the Sorrento Coast.

This unique bike race had the participation of great cycling athletes, such as the Italian champion Luigi Ferritto of Team Giannini, Adriano Luciano of CPS Professional Team and the young Gabriele Nigro of Bike & Sport Team.

Mauro Coppola, Domenico Ercolano, Mara Parisi and Stefano Rocco, the organizer of the event, also raced with them.

We followed the race with great enthusiasm and gleeful moments of excitement, as if we were actually running with the cyclists. Compliments from the organizers of the event, the president of Lucky Team Salvatore Avellino and the sports director Andrea Fortunato were a great source of satisfaction. Without a doubt, we are already ready to repeat the event next year.

We take this opportunity to thank the many sponsors for their support, the medical and health staff, the local police of Massa Lubrense and the municipal administration. Without their support, this event would not have been possible.

Enhancing the coast’s value even during the low season

Like Ciro, we too have an immense passion for the coast and are convinced that this event is the perfect initiative to heighten awareness of an area as rich as ours—to expand travel opportunities for visitors, even during the low season.

"Although we are used to important tourism for nine months of the year, it is essential to enhance our region even during the low-season months. This race has been the starting point to help all the hotel and accommodation facilities of the coast."
- Stefano Rocco, organizer of the event

We want this race to become a fixed annual event so that the memory of Ciro will always remain alive, not only among his family but also throughout the Sorrento Coast—in the land which he deeply loved. We will continue to value and respect the humility and patience he showed during his personal and professional journey.